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Kay Green
From: Hastings, UK
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About Booksy

I do not claim that small press and indie books and publishers are BETTER than the big players, I just feel that the big corporations have all the exposure they need, and I would like the content of this site be a part of the effort to redress the balance. Booksy belongs to the Earlyworks Press Writers and Reviewers Club but I hope it will not be limited to members’ publications. If you have any information to share about indie shops and presses, or would like to review a book that you believe deserves more attention, please register and tell us all.

If you post a book review in the ‘readers’ recommendations’ section, it will be included in the contenders for Book of the Month. If it is chosen, we will offer you a £5 Earlyworks Press voucher, and also invite the author and/or publisher to post more information about their doings.

I hope you enjoy Booksy. If you have any problems, please post in this thread and one of our moderators will do their best to help.

Kay Green (admin)


Please keep comments in the dedicated sections on the subject of books and publishing. There is a 'hello' section for personal info and chat, and an 'off topic' section where you can discuss pretty much anything you like except....

If we find anything offensive, obscene or illegal it will be deleted instantly. If you come across a problem post before our moderators do, please report it and please, for your own good, DON'T click on links in strange posts.



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